Moving Checklist

Moving day checklist for your convenience

  • All boxes are closed securely and sealed with strong tape
  • Large items are emptied, i.e. fridge, freezer, wardrobes etc.
  • All white goods are disconnected. i.e. Fridges, Freezers, washing machine and dishwasher
  • Disassemble any flat packed furniture
  • Tell our team about anything important or extra special before the day
  • Make an essentials box


For your complete peace of mind, we ensure all breakable goods are securely packed  with lots of padding. We can supply bubble wrap in advance on request . For safe transportation boxes must be rigid and undamaged, completely sealed thus making sure that items are unlikely to spill or stick out causing a hazard. We recommend that oversized containers should not contain heavy items like books, as this is going to make them unsafe to travel among more fragile goods and unsafe to lift. A good rule of thumb is, if you can lift it, then so can we. Contact us for more information.

Flat Pack Furniture

You should empty wardrobes, chest of drawers, sideboards and dressers before the moving day. Fridges and freezers should be emptied before transportation. Manufacturers advise that these items are required be kept upright and allowed to stand for at least 24 hours after transportation, before they are fully usable. For the care and safety of your goods, please empty all large pieces of furniture of contents.  Call us now.

Large Items

Fridges and freezers must be emptied before transportation. Manufacturers advise that these items must be kept upright and left to stand for 24 hours post transportation, before they are able to be used. For the care and safety of your goods, please empty all large furniture of its contents. You should empty chest of drawers, wardrobes, dressers and sideboards before the move. Give us a call now.

Important information

If you feel there is any important information which needs to be provided to the removal team. For example, if the doors or windows have to be removed to accommodate entry or exit of any item of furniture. If parking or access is restricted at either address, you will need to inform our team in advance. If you have any problems with your own personal travel arrangements please let us know before the moving day. Give us a call  for more information.

Best to be prepared

You should be prepared for last minute packing. You should always keep a box for ESSENTIALS free i.e. milk, sugar, tea, coffee, a kettle,  cups and biscuits (enough for our team also!) on the moving day. This should travel with you in your own vehicle for easy accessibility at the final destination. For a stress-free move, check that all drawers, cupboards and corners have been emptied and have everything packed and ready to go. Get in touch with our team for stress-free moves.


All quotations exclude VAT and insurance. Cover can be offered additionally with various levels of cover.

We supply 25 boxes and a roll of packing tape with every move. Additional boxes can be purchased should you require more.

We can offer a packing and unpacking service, storage and a strip and build service should you need a full dismantle and reassembling service.

We ask for payment on the day or prior to the move and this can be made by bank transfer or credit/debit card.

You will need to ring and book a surveyor  to attend your property to provide a formal quote. If you are out of the local area we can send you an enquiry form or set up a zoom survey.

We advise that you book your removals company survey at least 6 weeks before planning on moving.

We will aim to have you loaded and ready to go between 12-2pm and unload by 5pm that day.

We can provide long or short term storage either in our warehouse containers or self-access rooms based in Preston & Blackpool.

We are more than happy for you to pack your own items into boxes and we will even supply you with boxes and tape. Alternatively why not let us do all the hard work and pack for you with our dedicated packing team.

If you are able to dismantle the furniture before we arrive, this will save a lot of time on the move day. We understand that not everyone will be able to or want to so we also offer a dismantling service.

Some interesting Facts...

Interesting Facts

  1. A removal man can walk up to 13 miles a day which is half the London marathon.
  2. Did you know that we share up to 20,000 cups of tea and coffee with our customers throughout the year.
  3. Nearly all of our employees have over 10 years' service.
  4. We recycle over 40 tons of cardboard  per year.

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