Contents Packing Service

Contents Packing Service

We provide professional Contents Packing services in Preston, Blackpool Kirkham, Garstang and the surrounding area. Cookson & Son, Contents packing, made easy.

Our Contents Packing Service

Sometimes when moving home, you may require a content packing service as part of the removal process. There are many reasons you may want us to carry out your packing during your move. So whether you are unable to pack yourself or would like to make your move as easy as possible you can rely on us to provide you with a professional and reliable packing service.

We can provide you with a whole packing service where our trained packers will arrive and pack all of your contents with care and attention. This includes antiques, fragile items, furniture, artwork, electricals and anything else you require packing. If you only require a few fragile pieces packing such as antiques we can provide a part packing service for you also.

After a free onsite survey and getting to know your requirements, we will provide you with a competitive quotation that caters to your specifications and timeframes. We also offer Free advice about packing your home and Free house contents packing tips for self packing.

We make packing your home easy

We can provide a part or full packing service during your move to make things easier.

Packing Fragile Items

We are experienced in packing some of the most fragile items you could imagine, during your packing service we will pack your fragile items with the required care and attention. Including glass, mirrors, photos, china, dinner service and more.

Antiques & Artwork

Some of your most prized possessions are often some of the most valuable & fragile pieces. Cookson & Son can pack your antiques and artwork to the highest of standards ready for transport into their new destination safely and securely.


Whether we are packing your belongings or you choose to yourself we can provide you with very affordable and high-quality packaging. Including Eco-friendly recycled removal boxes, Bubble wrap, packing paper, tapes, garment carriers and more.

Organised Packing

We clearly label the contents of each and every box and what room they need to be placed in. This ensures you are not searching for items you need and you can find them easily at a moments notice. We can also provide with a detailed inventory list if required.

Part Packing Service

We understand not everyone requires their whole homes to be packed. We can also provide you with part packing on the day of your move for a few pieces only, we will bring packing materials you request on the day of the move and pack prior to moving your goods.

Trained Packing Experts

Our trained, uniformed packing teams have handled some of the most fragile items you could imagine, including collections of decorative eggshells. They have packed 1000’s of boxes with our customers worldly belongings and all to the highest of standards.

Established contents packing company

At Cookson & Son, we pride ourselves on quality service. Our teams have spent years honing their moving and packing craft. We are proud to say that the majority of our packing work comes from personal recommendations from satisfied clients. Not only are we a Trading Standards Approved moving and packing company our excellent feedback lets us know we are on the right track.

We are an eco-friendly moving and packaging provider

Cookson’s, pride ourselves on being as eco-friendly as possible. We provide a wide range of new packaging and recycled packaging. This is not only great for the environment it also allows us to pass a sizeable saving to you, the customer. We only provide durable and high-quality packaging during all of our contents packing jobs.

How much does contents packing cost?

There are many factors when it comes to packing costs, every job is different. Things like the volume of goods, packaging required, the value of goods and special requirements are unique to every move. This makes it near impossible to let customers know the cost of packing your belongings without an on site survey. We want to make sure you get the packing service you require, so we price it two ways including.

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