How Much Do Removals Cost?

Average Removal Cost in the UK

Factors which can change the cost of removal include the size of the property, the distance from the old property, and the time of year. In some cases, removal companies may charge more for removals during peak times such as bank holidays or during the Christmas period.

One Bedroom House

For a one-bedroom house, You can expect prices to range from £350-£468.

Two Bedroom House

If you’re moving from a two-bedroom house you should expect to pay anywhere from £603-£912

Three Bedroom House

A three-bedroom house removal could set you back around £809-£1024

Four Bedroom House

Finally, a four-bedroom house can set you back anywhere from £1095-£1537

Please know that these prices are only averages and may not be the exact prices. Our prices change due to the factors mentioned above. If you are in need of removals in Preston. We are the company for you. We cover all surrounding areas. Get in touch today for an exact quote on our services.

How to Save on Removal Costs?

There are several methods to save money on your removal. First and foremost, we must understand how removal costs are determined.

  • Packaging and van loading
  • Distance to the new location
  • Unloading the van

There are a number of methods by which removal firms measure their costs. Some businesses may charge per hour, for example. You can also anticipate paying more if your removal company offers a disassembling and reassembling service.

Declutter Your House

The first step in saving money on your removal is to get rid of any waste or junk that you will not need in your new house. This saves money since fewer items will have to be loaded into the removal vehicle and may possibly save you trips.

Reassemble Your Own Furniture

Many people choose to have their furniture dismantled and reassembled by a removal company. However, if you don’t want this service, you may save money by taking it apart yourself. This means the movers will only need to put your items into the vehicle for you.

Packing Materials

Another method to save money on your removal is to utilize packing supplies. Although packing materials are required for a house or any kind of move, if you can find a way to avoid paying for them, it would be preferable. Perhaps you know someone who has a lot of extra cardboard boxes or has some that they have saved over time. The more money you save, the better off you are.


Although the cost of moving varies by location and the size of your house, there are several methods to save money. Contain your home, packing supplies, and reassembling furniture yourself to save money on removals. Let our removal company assist you in making your relocation as inexpensive as feasible – get in contact with us as soon as possible for more information.

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